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MPW/Mander Portman Woodward is a rah and sloane infested group of private sixth forms in Cambridge and Kensington. It is known for its high-society student body or Teen Tatler crowd. If you aren't ex boarding school, wear Jack Wills or don't own a horse you will not fit in...
I love your jack wills hoody, can't wait until we all go to newcastle uni next yah... after our gap yah... Im so hip, so sloane i go mpw you know.
by rahkiller July 02, 2010
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Mander Portman Woodward

Semi-independant college situated in South West London renowned for its intimate classes and schemes allowing students to cram qualifications into one year.

Students are usually boarding school drop outs or those who have been ill and need to resit years to exceed further education. There is a close relationship with teachers and students and all attenders have a 'Personal Tutor' whom supervise progress and offer moral support.

Most people who attend are complete dickheads, sloanes, pretentious wankers, wannabe rudeboys etc. Although the odd down to earth, extradinary gem might be found in a year, this person will probably be famous.
"I love mpw man, I've just done a gram of K and I'm late for Geography"

"Oh really? I'm so high I dunno how im gonna get through Maths"

"You guys are lucky, I'm gonna be tripping in Yoga"
by exMPW May 31, 2009
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mpw is an acronym standing for the term "My Penis When" randomly used in some imageboards and irc channels, it shows a way to express yourself when your penis get shocked, impressed or in someway amused by any image, news or comments.
anon1: hey look another incredibly fappable moe-moe animu this season!!
anon2: >>mpw
by Gennosuke September 30, 2011
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