A hidden pointstreak in MW3 after getting a 30 gunstreak. Automatically kill the entire other team in 10 seconds, and go deaf by hearing the loud screeching orgasms of 5 fanboys.
Announcer: Friend M.O.A.B inbound
by HiImPaulWhatsYourName April 06, 2013
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Mother of all bombs
Massive ordanance air burst

The US armys pride and joy. Perfect example of the amercian way of life, if you can't beat them build something thats the biggest in the world and make it explosive. Maybe used as a deterance maybe used to mass cull humans or seagulls. 1/10th the power of a nuclear device but still powerful enough to destroy a city.

Can also relate to girls

Mother of all b*tc*es
radio: inbound MOAB keep clear of the area this ones gonna be big


dude 1: dude look at that MOAB inbound
dude 2: evacuate the area shes gonna blow!
by shadow_fox April 11, 2005
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It may be referred to "Mother of all Bloons" Many bloons are in it. Ceramic, rainbow, red, blue, green, yellow, black and white.

"I love the M.O.A.B... it gives me so many bloons..."
by Katie Marie Bell October 03, 2011
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Mother-Of-All-Beers. Served at Slo-Pokes in dowtown Waco, TX. This 48 oz. beer is sure to start your night of right.
She had two MOABS and she was ready to go home with me!
by seaq4 January 30, 2005
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Massive Ordinance Anal Burst. When you go to the bathroom and an explosion occurs causing in most cases...backsplash...
Dude...I just had a MOAB...Need a cleanup in stall three...
by Master of the MOAB July 30, 2009
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