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Noun - place fictional

last moments before you break up with your girl/boy friend. Comes from the change in mood and has history to many different breakups and the comments made by the people after these breakups.

Can be not related to love and mean the moment that changes you life forever.
Stu plucked up the courage and entered the end zone "i like you better as a friend"

Joe reached a crossroads either lie or come clean this was the end zone.
by shadow_fox April 11, 2005

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Mother of all bombs
Massive ordanance air burst

The US armys pride and joy. Perfect example of the amercian way of life, if you can't beat them build something thats the biggest in the world and make it explosive. Maybe used as a deterance maybe used to mass cull humans or seagulls. 1/10th the power of a nuclear device but still powerful enough to destroy a city.

Can also relate to girls

Mother of all b*tc*es
radio: inbound MOAB keep clear of the area this ones gonna be big


dude 1: dude look at that MOAB inbound
dude 2: evacuate the area shes gonna blow!
by shadow_fox April 11, 2005

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