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Members of an overpriced household in an overpriced area with overpriced posessions, none of which are prepared to clean their own toilet, or put out the trash.
Yuppie 1: "The skivvy is refusing to clean the en-suite"
Yuppie 2: "Just get the gardener to use the shovel when hes finished pruning the cumbrellas what ever they are, and make sure he puts out the trash before he goes".
by Pictii October 01, 2014

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Thums Down Fairy - an asshole who haunts public sites, stalking particular individuals and giving serious contributors the thumbs down.
I see the tdf has left another load of shit for me on the chatroom step.
by Pictii July 02, 2014

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Machine Learning often used with AI
This censor bot could use some ML. Its just stopped me typing U**** D*********
by Pictii November 12, 2019

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