1. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that proposes solutions to a problem after learning from several trial and error attempts.
2. A term that students use at hackathons to sound smart, especially when they actually have no idea what it means.
Example (from a 2011 Hackathon):
C++ Code:
int main()

cout<<"Enter your name";

cin >> name;

cout << "Hello, Brian!";
Brian: We used machine learning to greets the user, by learning their name.
*Brian won 4th place at the hackathon*
by Wammybarnut March 17, 2015
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An add-on feature that removes overweight women from the feeds men who use dating apps. The program cross-references a database of more than 1 billion pictures of different women's silhouettes in real-time to remove any profiles outside of your parameters.
Person 1 - Have you downloaded that Fat Chick Machine Learning algorithm yet?
Person 2 - Ya man! 80% of my swipes are on dime pieces. My ratios are through the roof.
by iMonkeyBIZ February 9, 2020
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