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Mom I've Already Fucked. Founded at Packet8 by Bret The Hitman Hart.
zilla: Damn, that chicks is hot!
bret: That's a MIAF!
zilla: what?
bret: Mom I've Already Fucked!
by Fuji November 19, 2005
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Mom I Already Fucked. Status of MILF after being fucked. The MILF becomes MIAF.
The MIAF list (Mom I Already Fucked list) are all MILFs that you fucked.
Friend: Man did you see Ms. Kelly? She's a total MILF!
MF'er: Dude, thats the MIAF I told you about last week!

Friend: Dude check out that MILF!
MF'er: Damn, I hope I can put her on the MIAF list!

pronunciation: My-if
by 100 MIAF July 17, 2011
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