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Mom I've Already Fucked. Founded at Packet8 by Bret The Hitman Hart.
zilla: Damn, that chicks is hot!
bret: That's a MIAF!
zilla: what?
bret: Mom I've Already Fucked!
by Fuji November 19, 2005
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Mom I Already Fucked. Status of MILF after being fucked. The MILF becomes MIAF.
The MIAF list (Mom I Already Fucked list) are all MILFs that you fucked.
Friend: Man did you see Ms. Kelly? She's a total MILF!
MF'er: Dude, thats the MIAF I told you about last week!

Friend: Dude check out that MILF!
MF'er: Damn, I hope I can put her on the MIAF list!

pronunciation: My-if
by 100 MIAF July 17, 2011
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A goofy, random blob (in a good way) she is always there to make you happy, to steal your food and your phone to play games on. Miafs can come in all ages,shape and size. She’s very random yet friends with everyone. If you meet a Miaf keep her bc you’ll need her later.
A: Hey Miaf give me my phone back
Miaf: lemme just finish this level
by CakeForDayZ March 04, 2019
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