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A phrase far too overused by people who play Team Fortress 2. They spam it when they do not need to be healed because they are either:

-trying to get the medic away from healing a person they do not like
-a spy looking for achievements or a free backstab
-plainly an asshole
-a suicide player who wants a spawn that lasts longer than 30 seconds.

This can lead to people muting everyone on their team, turning off their speakers, quitting, or just switching classes. These can lead to miscommunications and no healer classes on the team.

Thus, those who spam MEDIC!! are really just trying to get themselves killed.
You pick a Medic class, not knowing what's about to happen.

Spy disguised as a Sniper: MEDIC!! MEDIC!! MEDIC!!

Heavy: MEDIC!!


Another Medic: MEDIC!! MEDIC!!

You: ...I don't want to play this game anymore...
by Fist of Romulus November 08, 2011
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The healing class from the popular hat simulator known as Tf2
The medic class is known for having the ability to give unlimited healing to an ally (Or disguised enemy spy)

The medic also has the ability to do an β€œUbercharge” Which depending on the medi-gun used will either render the both the medic and the target with invulnerability, Crits, Extreme healing speed+ no push back, mostly immunity from a certain damage type
Scout with 117/125 hp: * Steals health pack *
Burning medic with 7/150 hp: I wish to do a procedure on your brain right now just to see how much asshole there is
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1. A medical professional deployed on the battlefield to heal wounded soldiers

2. One of the words which can be used in place of or conjunction with wordCall in an air strike/word
by gaselite August 14, 2003
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Scout: MEDIC!
Medic: ...
I honestly don't know what to put here
by Asarian August 24, 2019
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1.) A soldier specifically designated to heal other soldiers on the battlefield.

2.) In multiplayer gaming, the same meaning applies, but also used as a form of degradation as medics are thought to be underarmed and more vulnerable than other soldiers.
Sure, shoot the medic before the real troops...

Haha! You just got your arse handed to you by a medic.
by Manawski February 27, 2003
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In TFC, one who gives you AIDS and throws concussion grenades to hwem your aim up

Conversely, on your own team, the one who saves your arse from AIDS and heals concussions, fire, hallucinations, etc.
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
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