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Mass Contact Elimination: The elimination of all forms of contact (such as phone numbers, email addresses, Myspace/Facebook etc) with a chosen individual, thus eliminating them from your life. This leaves your mind free to become satisfied with your current state. Ideal for getting over one's ex.
"I split up with my girlfriend today man"
"I'm sorry man, you alright?"
"Yeah I'm good, busted out some MCE on the bitch"
by Ewan Slaterz April 7, 2008
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Guy 1:Dude I was on some MCE this weekend!
Guy 2:Masturbation Chronic Ejaculation?
Guy 1:Hell hurts.
by Juscus April 14, 2009
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An abbreviation for "Windows: |M|edia |C|enter |E|dition.
I am gonna watch a movie through my MCE.
by Andreas Aaen December 4, 2007
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An abbreviation for Minecraft Explore, a YouTube series where a blue alien known as Alien Waldo explores large Minecraft mods in depth over several episodes.
Hey, did you watch that new #MCE video?
Yeah, Alien Waldo set a cat lady on fire with a voodoo doll!
by KiLlEdByArAyGuN February 24, 2017
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