The latest remix of the song MAX 300 from DDR, created by U1-Asami. It starts off at 300 beats per minute, slows down to 180 and plays a sample from the song "PARANOiA," speeds back up to 300, and eventually reaches 600, a speed so fast Afronova looks like it's scrolling in reverse.

Having played this song on a DDR simulator, this looks to be the hardest 10-footer ever created. I can only get a C on it.
Let's see Yasu and Take get all Perfects on MAX. (period).
by dj gs68 October 11, 2003
MAX.(period) is the third remix of MAX 300, and is rumored to be the most difficult Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) song. This 10-footer can reach up to 600 beats per minute. On Light and Standard, it retains a high 9-foot rating.
MAX.(period) is impossible to beat!
by Angelic April 12, 2004
The new 10 footer created by 2MB. It reaches a blazing 600 BPM towards the end,and contains aprts from the previous 10 footers and some Paranoias. Rumored to be the the hardest 10 footer,also has Oni Steps.
" MAX.(Period)is insane! i wish it wasn't on only Japanese Extreme...."
by Deadfrog October 10, 2003
Yet another impossible DDR song, only a few have beaten it. It is the latest song in the Series of the "Max's", the hardest songs yet. They are, in chronological order, Max 300, MaxX Unlimited, The Legned of Max, and now Max. (period). Max. (period) isn't well known, as it is only available on the Japanese console version of DDR Extreme. It starts at 300 BPM, slows to 150 at one point, then rises all the way to 600, which is insanity at its highest. I once saw a video of someone A'ing the song on feet, and I wonder if Yasu or Take could beat it or not.
I have AAA'd all the Max's. I'm gonna try to play Max. (period).

*2 minutes later*

by Roulette February 14, 2004
Song only available in Japanese versions of the game. Barely qualifies as a real song.
The voice in the background in my SM file is insanely annoying, leading to me never playing this again.
by Xolom February 25, 2005