The most overplayed DDR song ever. Commonly played by DDR 3rd Mix and DDR USA fanboys when they go up on a DDR Extreme machine and go, "WTF?" at the songlist. V (for EXTREME) looks non-played compared to that.

But factually, the song is an African tribal style song, running at 200 BPM. It made its debut on the game Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX. It was the first song to run at 200 BPM or more, besides PARANOiA Evolution, which debuted on a "Solo" version of DDR, namely DDR Solo Bass Mix.

Beginner - 2, Light/Basic - 5, Standard/Trick - 7, Heavy/Maniac - 9
OK, I can beat Sakura (Heavy), Burning Heat! (Heavy), and Rhythm and Police (Heavy), but I still can't beat Afronova (Heavy).
by dj gs68 July 9, 2003
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1: A fast-paced Dance Dance Revolution song, running at 200 BPM. Tends to be too difficult for new players, but for the experienced, it is a fun song.

2: A really, really big "Afro" haircut, where the total volume the hairdo takes up is at least double the wearer's head.
1: Holy crap, I just got a B on Afronova! w00t!!!

2: Woah, did you see that guy? That was a real Afronova he had on that noggin...
by Alex April 2, 2004
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Definitely the most overplayed song on Dance Dance Revolution, known for the many freestyle moves people use on it.
This one time, i went to an arcade. where there were two people, who only played afronova 1.5 times, on light, and still failed
by John Smith February 27, 2004
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The most annoying and overplayed song in Dance Dance Revolution.
WTF? Why is it on the top 3 on Extreme? Go hug a 3rd Mix machine!
by xenon August 3, 2003
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