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Big Girl- is a beautiful woman with a great husband and child who when questioned about why she flirts with, gropes, kisses. hangs onto and hooks up with a wide variety of men behind her husbands back always answers "I'm a Big Girl I know what I am doing." Meanwhile every person around knows what she really is!
Why are you grabbing that strangers crotch? What would your husband say if he saw you acting like this? I am a Big Girl and I do what I want!
by Roulette September 8, 2012
Yet another impossible DDR song, only a few have beaten it. It is the latest song in the Series of the "Max's", the hardest songs yet. They are, in chronological order, Max 300, MaxX Unlimited, The Legned of Max, and now Max. (period). Max. (period) isn't well known, as it is only available on the Japanese console version of DDR Extreme. It starts at 300 BPM, slows to 150 at one point, then rises all the way to 600, which is insanity at its highest. I once saw a video of someone A'ing the song on feet, and I wonder if Yasu or Take could beat it or not.
I have AAA'd all the Max's. I'm gonna try to play Max. (period).

*2 minutes later*

by Roulette February 14, 2004