"Mark all as read", a feature on Plurk to mark all unread Plurks as read
A: I've got 500 unread messages!
by Jon G. March 17, 2009
A word to describe a skinny, lazy, individual on welfare who refuses to get a job and who just plays video games all day.
Person 1: Did you see that MAAR at chumlees yesterday?
Person 2: Yeah, he’s probably spending all his welfare money on discounted video games.
Person 1: pshhh, what a MAAR...
by StarightBoy1 June 26, 2020
Maar is very attractive, An athlete, and he is very very very sexy
Maar is just daddy!
by H03s L0v3 Maar December 28, 2016
Means dick beating in Indian(jacking off in english).
Exampel for Muth Maar:
I jack off over photos of ur mom.
by URDADaaa October 30, 2010
to fuck a chick in her pussy (Malaysian Punjabi)
Tonight I'm so gonna fudi maar her mom!!
by GayLord69 June 21, 2006
Totally awesome sweet amazing person. The kinda person you can always count on no matter what. They are very clumsy but hilarious!
"Aww man dude she just pulled an Amanda Maar haha"
by ~Darla~ August 14, 2008