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A microblogging service and social networking site that was launched in June 2008, which many people incorrectly compare to Twitter. Personal updates are added to a continually growing chronological timeline including the Plurks of those whom you follow (see: friends and fans are on this list)

Unlike Twitter each post, or "Plurk" as they are known as, can also be seen as a miniature discussion hub, with the ability to hold on relevant and related conversations about whatever you like.

Mood modifiers are used as an example of things to post such as "thinks", "wants", "needs", "shares", "loves", (etc.)

An incentive system known as karma is also implemented as a way to keep actively Plurking and sharing. Certain levels of karma enable certain emoticons, the animated emoticons also being seen as an upgrade from some of the other microblogging sites.

According to the Plurk Developers (also known as the A-Team) the etymology of Plurk is such:

-abbreviation of 'people' and 'lurk'
-portmanteau of 'play' and 'work'
-acronym of peace, love, unity, respect, and karma
-verb neologism, similar to how Google was eventually used as a verb

The website is available in, not only an English interface, but has been cooperatively translated by members and staffers successfully into over 30 languages.
hold on, before we leave I just want to Plurk to people what we're doing.
by Captain of the GSE July 28, 2009
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The only way to talk in the third person without sounding like a douche.
Plurk: Dain Rexen finally bought Firefly on Blu Ray!
by Dain Rexen March 14, 2009
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Plurk is really a website, like Twitter. Some people use it as a "bleeper" for swear words.
Whoa! Did you see Shelby and Taylor plurking last night??
I was on Plurk last night!
by taylortwisted June 16, 2009
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