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The most advanced version of the cosmic string theory. M-theory exists in eleven-dimentional hyperspace, where two-branes and five-branes can exist. There are five ways in which M-Theory can be reduced down to ten dimensions, thereby giving us the five known superstring theories, which are now revealed to be the same theory.
The full equations governing M-theory are totally unknown.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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To manifest a dream into reality. M theory relates to the concept of the overall string theory and quantum mechanics. The M Theory was derived by Ed Witten in 1995 and stands for Magic or Matrix or according to test! It affliliates quantum mechanics with the workings of thought verses action.

In golf, a hole in one is the perfect use of M Theory.
Jerry: I'm going to make a space ship and fly to the closest star!

Watson: How on earth can you do that?

Jerry: Easy, M Theory! Its elementry my dear Watson.
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006
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