The most assfaced person of all times, very gay and n00bish.

=J= M-C came to my house yesterday
-L- OMG john, you are a grade-A tosser!
=J= I know :-(
by MS January 30, 2005
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Computer platform recently developed by Microsoft in association with the US goverment, the RIAA and the MPAA. This platform was designed to make those companies capable of impossing the users any kind of restriction, it achieves this goal by using hardware modules that enforce those restrictions and make the computer systematically disobey (betray) it`s user and obey exclusivelly the aforementioned companies. This computing platform was meant to replace the PC set of platforms (was meant to be built and sold by the OEM companies who formelly built and sold PC`s) thing which is near completion having only two PC platforms left to eliminate (both of which are near death BTW).
Dude, What did you do to listen to that Sony music CD without getting your Dell laptop fucked by the sony rootkit?
It`s easy. My laptop is a PC, and it`s running Linux. "Your`s" must surelly be a M$C.
by Ptero-4 April 27, 2007
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Low Marble Count. A condition of non compos mentis or occasional, mental deterioration. AAADD, aging adult attention deficit disorder, occasional forgetfulness, and destinesia are other symptoms.
Due to our advancing L. M. C. my friend Barb and I give each other a fresh bag of marbles on our birthdays.
by sunnyjay November 22, 2011
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someone or something that has been sued or went bankrupt to the extent that it is more screwed over than the U.S.A. after Bush got his hands on the economy.
2 of the best examples of M. C. Enrons are M. C. Hammer and Enron, of which the term was derived from.
by Tarheel82 September 5, 2004
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Pimps Making Cash, Powerful Mind Control, Phasing Most Crews, Proffesional Mic Control, Playas Must Continue, Pimpin Many Chicks,
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JUS BROTHERS Motorcycle Club.
1%ers currently based in N. California
with four chapters.
JUS BROTHERS M/C members are outlaw bikers.
by Irish Mike September 22, 2006
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