a professional female skateboarder who is a stunt double, championship, etc. She has also been on the tv show MADE on mtv. She was teaching a girl how to skateboard. She also has her own clothing line callled: sk8grl
OMG its Holly Lyons!!!
by sk8ergirl!! December 13, 2008
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A main character in the teen girl books, The Clique Series, by Lisi Harrison. Claire Lyons is one of two non-rich members of the girls' clique, the Pretty Committee. She was originally the new, unpopular, unstylish, unrich girl who the Pretty Committee tormented for several months. Her family moved into the head of the Pretty Committee's (Massie Block) guesthouse, which made the girls hate her even more.
Somehow, she managed to become friends with them and join the Pretty Committee, Massie teaching her the values of the group: Stay popular, look gorgeous, find a HART boyfriend, and make people want to be you.
Claire, not being rich, can't always stay on the girls' good side, so she is constantly being picked on.
Claire Lyons seems like the only real girl in the Pretty Committee.
by Ann O'Nonymous June 27, 2008
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A typical old United States city, where everyone has so little to do that they bitch on Facebook about the town all the time. Full of people who were here when there was a buffalo farm on the corner and people who moved here because they heard it was whiter than white. Filled with hickville homes with plastic for insulation on the windows or McMansions that most can't afford. The big happening in the town is a trashy pumpkinfest once a year with a parade that literally is 2-3 hours of everyone and everything in the town on display, including 5 dance schools (with most of the teeny kids wearing so little), 2 matching bands, The town mayor, and lots of unheard of organizations. The town hosts 11 pizza take outs, 7 car parts stores , 3 or maybe it's 4 resale shops and little else. The people of South Lyon go into a tail spin for month when something like a Tim Hortons is being built. 95% of the population attends church although if you read what they say on social media you would never think it was a religion based community.
I live in South Lyon because it doesn't have any of "those " people and it still has old town America values.
by Bridget the Bitch October 17, 2017
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Totally epic
Drives a bugatti at 25
Great dancer
Girl: Oh my god! Did you see that dance move?
Guy: Yeah, he must be a Parrish Lyon
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One sexy bitch from the heart of the riverina
One ranga with tude
by Bhb June 15, 2014
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