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Lynae means "little blue flower." The name derives from the Linnaea borealis flower (also known as the twinflower) which grows in Sweden. The flower was named after Carolus Linnaeus, who was a famous botanist and is known as the father of modern taxonomy. The Linnaea flower was his favorite flower (obviously!):)
--The Baby Name Wizard
Hello, my name is Lynae. It's origin is Scandinavian for 'small blue flower'.
by uknowshebangs June 16, 2011
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noun: name
This is a kind, loving, outgoing, bubbly girl who puts others before herself. She is a little self concious, and can be shy and awkward in certain positions. She also will have really nice eyebrows and nice hair. Her life isn't perfect, but she (tries to) stay(s) strong in all situations. She will make sure that everyone else is happy before she is. She can be a bitch sometimes, but it is always out of love. She is not afraid to read somebody or to call someone out. She can be very straight up and won't always sugar coat things. But she is the greatest person you will ever meet. She will most likely be everyone's best friend and will probably like alot of guys, but its all good. She isn't a hoe but she knows what she wants. This is a very strong, hardworking girl who can be sarcastic and straightup, but she also has a very soft spot and is super loving, caring, thoughtful and generous, and is the best person at your school because everyone minus her friends are fake.
1. Lynae is so nice!
2. Lynae is a good person to look up to.
3. Lynae is my bestfriend!
by littlegirly20 June 17, 2017
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A name from sweden, finland, or norway.

referring to a small pink flower named after the swedish botanist.

Also the best name ever!
Lynae climbed a tree and scraped her knee.
by L745 July 07, 2009
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Popular girl that is very pretty and has lots of friends. Plays sports and likes girly things too. All guys want her because of her beauty and her features. (Boobs and butt)
Dude that girl is fine!
Oh yeah that’s Lynae but she got a phat ass tho
by She_doppe March 26, 2018
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