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Linnaea is probably the most fun person you will ever meet. Over all she's funny, like naps and food, athletic, and extremely smart. If you ever meet someone named Linnaea pay attention, they probably are going to do something you would regret not seeing. She's stubborn af at times and WILL do something if you push her or one of her friends, which she seems to be constantly surrounded by. Oh and don't forget the fact she's hotter than hell
"damn look at Linnaea!"
by Ericwasheremaybe May 21, 2018
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the sweetest bitch you will ever meet. enjoys strawberry Gouda sandwiches, and can often be seen straddling the quad.
Linnaea's milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard
by qwertyuioxcvbnmghj November 08, 2013
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