Luz is a really great girl, really pretty, hella nice. Shorty lol. She can be really nice unless you mess with her, you’ll end up regretting it. Hella pretty, naturally beautiful and really smart. If you have a luz in your life don’t let go, she’ll be the best you’ll ever meet. Good person to vent to because she always listens to you. Luz is light in Spanish and this just proves how much Luz shines. She’s really talented too she just doesn’t realize it.
“Hey are you friends with that Luz over there?”
“Yes shes my mf bestfriend.”
by Addison’s milk April 7, 2018
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you're a TOH (The Owl House) fan
me too
Luz belongs to Amity!

I love Luz, she's my favorite!

Luz Supremacy
by _kayyx August 8, 2021
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She's the type of girl who will worry about you nonstop and care. She's a tsundere. You're lucky if you're close with her, she's nice to the ones she loves and mean yet sometimes caring to those who deceive her. She's HOT and CUTE. The perfect girlfriend material, boys would treat her the way she should be treated.
"LOOK! it's Luz! Man..isn't she sexy?"

"Luz is a caring friend."

"Damn, Who's that hot short girl?"
"Oh that's Luz, she's cute right?"
by Xx_pseudonym_xX March 22, 2018
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Luz is funny, Loyal, KInd, and more great things about her but never mess with her because she will speak deep bad words and she will compliment you as bad as she wants.. and talks about your personality and secrets.. she will torture you only if you treated her badly.. but she is Kind and very generous and thoughtful..
person 1: luz gave me some food last time and i was very thankful..
person 2: yessssss! she is very thoughtful
person 3: yeah but sometimes if you hurt her or treat her bad she will punish you like what she did on me...
person 4; of course she will punish u cause you cut her mother's bracelet\
person 5: yeahhh thats luz!
by nothing else May 31, 2020
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A girl who speaks guy....she is known to be a the type of girlfriend that a guy wants, she's funny, likes sports, and loves nasty jokes... not jealous. she's kind warm hearted with a great smile.. Hot TOO! The PERFECT girlfriend.
I wish she was like Luz.

She is kinda like Luz.
by Lhlm75 June 24, 2009
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She is my luz, she will always have my back, and i will always have hers.
by Bailey101 January 3, 2008
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