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V. To peer, look, or gaze at another in a sexual manner.
1.) Lets go lurm at those sexy ass damn chicks yo. Fuck!
2.) I couldn't help but lurm at my teachers hot ass. Fuck!
by Mr.Dublintron November 30, 2013
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1. (expletive) Word used to express general disgust with a given situation. Add suffixes at will to change the part of speech or to add emphasis.
a. I have to write 3 papers this weekend. Lurm.

b. Ew, he is so lurmy.

c. This hangover sucks a lurmsicle.
by Stache Magnum May 02, 2011
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Meaning gross, in relation to water, a swimming pool, or a public shower or toilet.
Arryn: I went to the pool yesterday
Aidan: And?
Arryn: Major Lurm, the water was mega-lurm
Aidan: that sucks
Arryn: mmm.. lurm
by Lurm December 24, 2007
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