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She’s a very quiet girl but once you get to know her she is very goofy and funny💯People may judge her by her looks but don’t know her that much.Many people may envy her but she don’t gaf she continues to be her.She loves to smile and is an amazing Bestfriend.She laughs at snowy everything and has an amazing laugh.Sometimes she talks wayyy to much.Obviously if you get to her bad side you will see a really bad b**** and that’s just period‼️💯💋
Person1-She’s a very quiet person
Person-No if you really get to know her she’s funny and goofy

Person 3-She’s Lupita Duhh
by obviii.factss April 26, 2019
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Lupita is a beautiful young girl that can be quiet and shy but can be loud and funny the more you get to know her. Even when negativity goes on in her life, she does her best to stay Happy and not sure how her sad side. Lupita maybe had a rough love live before so make sure to treat her right. She is very loving and has 3-5 dogs or cats. If you fall in love with a lupita then you know that you made the right decision. She is also so dang hot and very cute. So that being said. If you find a lupita. Treat her well and don’t let any other guys take her.
Lupita is very hot
by Willy555 May 29, 2019
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The most amazing girl EVER. With an amazing personality and unbelievable way with words, she is the most beautiful girl alive. With beautiful eyes and a great ass, this girl is unstoppable and will do great things with her life. Have caution when around her because boners will pop.
Dude! Did you see me talking to Lupita? She's amazing.
by Babygirl :D April 10, 2011
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Lupita is beautiful girl with a big booty. She is shy and quiet at first but once you get to know her she is funny and goofy. She loves dogs or cats. She can be a real b!tch at some points. A typical Lupita likes being a hoe especially with married men. She likes to send nudes on snapchat without her husband knowing. Also loves the attention when men gaze at her when she is wearing something sexy.
Woman, be careful with a Lupita. She is a slut and will sleep with your husband
by Mr.Keen November 04, 2019
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Lupita is a cunt who is so deluded she doesn't realize she's a cunt. She starts dating guys named Sebastien, while they still have a girlfriend. She is so desperate, that she doesn't care if he still has pictures of his girlfriend all over his walls. She is the lowest form of woman. In fact she doesn't even deserve to be called a woman. She is a cretin piece of shit, so insignificant, that Sebastien swears he can never love her. He spends time with her because he is so broken up over cheating on his girlfriend. He calls Lupita a bitch behind her back and admits he can have no future with her. He's only with her because he's too scared to be alone. Meanwhile he calls his now ex girlfriend, brings her roses, and tells her how he misses her affection. So in summation, Lupita is a pathetic, desperate, delusional, worthless, vacuous, cunt. And that's putting it nicely.
Did you see that girl Lupita?
Ugh I saw her. I had to avert my eyes right away to keep from barfing.
by yeahisaidtheobvious March 10, 2015
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Funniest girl in LPHS. YEAH! and a mexican who lives near or in the hood.
Lupita lives behind Tanglewood in the houses. She is the only mexican who lives in the houses, its sad.
by Jamming April 28, 2005
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niceprettybisad weird
Lupita is NICE .She is PRETTY .SAD for some reason.likes girls and boys so she is BI.she is WEIRD
by Imtheworstpotato October 26, 2019
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