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The most amazing girl EVER. With an amazing personality and unbelievable way with words, she is the most beautiful girl alive. With beautiful eyes and a great ass, this girl is unstoppable and will do great things with her life. Have caution when around her because boners will pop.
Dude! Did you see me talking to Lupita? She's amazing.
by Babygirl :D April 10, 2011
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Lupita, everyone thinks Lupita has the perfect life. Her looks are beautiful and her personality is beautiful. But deep inside she has her flaws. She is a positive girl and she is friendly to all. She doesn't judge someone from the outside, she only looks at the person inside. She loves to Paint. When she is feeling sad she expresses her feelings in a painting. She also draws what she really wants, Love. Her favorite thing is Musical Theater. She also has a passion for singing! She is a positive girl.
Hey! Lupita you're smile is making me want to smile!
by Lup.V. January 03, 2019
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Lupita is a cunt who is so deluded she doesn't realize she's a cunt. She starts dating guys named Sebastien, while they still have a girlfriend. She is so desperate, that she doesn't care if he still has pictures of his girlfriend all over his walls. She is the lowest form of woman. In fact she doesn't even deserve to be called a woman. She is a cretin piece of shit, so insignificant, that Sebastien swears he can never love her. He spends time with her because he is so broken up over cheating on his girlfriend. He calls Lupita a bitch behind her back and admits he can have no future with her. He's only with her because he's too scared to be alone. Meanwhile he calls his now ex girlfriend, brings her roses, and tells her how he misses her affection. So in summation, Lupita is a pathetic, desperate, delusional, worthless, vacuous, cunt. And that's putting it nicely.
Did you see that girl Lupita?
Ugh I saw her. I had to avert my eyes right away to keep from barfing.
by yeahisaidtheobvious March 10, 2015
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Funniest girl in LPHS. YEAH! and a mexican who lives near or in the hood.
Lupita lives behind Tanglewood in the houses. She is the only mexican who lives in the houses, its sad.
by Jamming April 28, 2005
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Loves to dance, drinks coronas, loves make up, party's hard, loves to talk shit bout guys, she likes the cold black, laughs super funny, she's awesome, she my best friend, big boobies
Lupita is super fun.
by Lup£° December 20, 2016
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A girl that is a cunt,hoe,and ugly. She wants to suck dick all day she is a slut she will steal your manz and make y’all break up she will try acting nice but is a real bitch she is a cry baby when you tell her mean stuff she is a dramatic queen
Lupita is a hoe and she will steal your manz
by Bitchslut12 June 08, 2018
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Dory from Finding Dory

- Dumb - Short Term Memory Lost
- Short - Small - Real Dora Explorer

- Short hair - Crimpled - Bafoon
Him / Lupita, Wow she is such a dory!

her / True! She also looks like dora!!
by Anonymous Hoe ;) May 04, 2018
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