Something made up by the insecure people who run Planet Fitness (Planet Fatness) gyms. They set it off when anyone remotely dedicated to training is in the area. They claim to be a "judgement-free" gym, yet ironically they won't even let those who they deem "lunks" into their facility. The people don't want to "be intimidated" by fit gym goers, yet the only thing intimidating them is their own insecurities.
Planet Fatness Worker: He looks like he might actually be strong and dedicated to his training...what a lunk! Set off the lunk alarm!
by pbjoe June 18, 2009
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Planet Fitness, the home of the self-conscious exerciser, decided to get rid of the meatheads and attention seeking Guidos by hooking up an alarm system for vain bitches who find it impossible to work out without the attention of everyone else in the room.
"How's I s'posed ta get my swell on at da gym widda fuhckin Lunk Alarm goin off e'ry time I grunt"
by Boo45 April 6, 2010
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The lunk who wrote this "definition" is so insecure that he needs to complain about a place that's safe for people who may just be getting the nerve up to begin. It looks like he's more interested in that $10 than the wellbeing of others. Nice.
The lunk alarm sounded when that guy clicked the SUBMIT button.
by MiSC-en-Scène November 5, 2015
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