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When it's so hot outside, that it's just fucking stupid. Anyone who lives south of San Antonio knows what i'm talking about.
Person 1: What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?

Person 2: The forecast said it would be stupid hot tomorrow, and for the rest of the summer.

Person 1: Fuck
by pbjoe June 3, 2009
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Something made up by the insecure people who run Planet Fitness (Planet Fatness) gyms. They set it off when anyone remotely dedicated to training is in the area. They claim to be a "judgement-free" gym, yet ironically they won't even let those who they deem "lunks" into their facility. The people don't want to "be intimidated" by fit gym goers, yet the only thing intimidating them is their own insecurities.
Planet Fatness Worker: He looks like he might actually be strong and dedicated to his training...what a lunk! Set off the lunk alarm!
by pbjoe June 18, 2009
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A particular act or person in a BDSM scene that just makes your skin crawl.
"That Dom is so disgusting, his rotten teeth just qweak me out"
"I could never have anybody stick 'that' in 'there' on me, it qweaks me out"
by pbjoe September 11, 2014
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