The Lunch Club, previously know as Goop, consists of seven Youtubers known as CallMeCarson, Jschlatt, Slimecicle, Traves, Cscoop, Ted Nivison, and Hugbox.

They make videos and podcasts about random things that they do or have done.
Person 1: “have you seen Lunch Club? Their videos are awesome!”

Person 2: “I’ll have to check them out!”
by Honey_Muffin April 9, 2020
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An event created, to allow middle aged working men to come together for a dirty lunch break usually consisting of fast food moaning about their miserable lives and considering faking their own deaths.

99% of attendee's appreciate and respect its rules of men only, no clingers on. But there's always one who thinks every so often its a fine idea to bring his family along thus ruining the bonding experience.
Alex : " fancy a boys lunch club next week"
Andy: "yeah im in, let me block out my diary"

Simon: "yeah im in, but im bringing my kids. is that ok ?"
nobody says anything

but no simon that isnt ok, you are ruining the point of boys lunch club.
by AR257119 March 29, 2021
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A clique created by like-minded office workers in order to share a themed lunch hour. NBC's the office showcased a lunch club called the "Finer Things Lunch Club" in Season 4 Episode 10: Branch Wars.
In the Finer Things Lunch Club, you meet once a month to discuss books and art and celebrate culture in a very civilized way. The debate can sometimes be heated but is always respectful. No plastic, no paper, and no work talk is allowed.
by Epic Gilgamesh December 13, 2013
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A popular trend in the the Northwest. Just like most any other exclusive office lunch Club this clique is bigfoot themed. The meetings are to discuss all things Sasquatch and are held twice a month to coincide with pay day. In order to get into the Sasquatch mind these are usually held in Indian Buffets in order to eat like bigfoot; vegetarian, and all you can eat!
Hey, you think sasquatch is a vegetarian?

I dunno, let's get some cubicle neighbors and start a Bigfoot Lunch Club and spend two lunch hours a month discussing it.
by Epic Gilgamesh December 13, 2013
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