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The unknowing saviour of mankind & the modest champion of your heart.

Not 'Luken' as in a name for a person but a will, a drive, a need, a light.

Luken is the feeling inside that begs for justice and absolute truth.

Luken is the feeling that draws your heart to others.

It is the light when there is no will to shine.
Let your luken be what people remember you for/Without luken the world will fall into darkness
by A. Santos June 07, 2010
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This kid can't choose what girl he wants to hook up with. One day its Claire the next Rachel and then Emma. Hes bipolar with girls and has the most homosexual glasses that double as sunglasses. He normally has braces and thinks hes the coolest shit. Hes a preppy guy and will dress nice to distract people from his face. Somehow he has a constant stream of girls who want his dick. He brags alot and is self-righteous because of his flow of bitches.
Person 1: Lukens just hooked up with Emma.

Person 2: Thats his second girl today.

Person 3: It must be the clothes.

Person 2: Now hes gonna be so stuck up for the rest of the week
by March 14th is the best day March 16, 2014
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The act of deleting a Facebook comment after: 1) realizing it is embarrassing -or- 2) No one replies to your "funny" comment.
Friend 1- Did you just see that bitch delete her comment?
Friend 2- Yeah how embarrassing, does she really think she can just Luken it away?

Friend 1- Yeah haha, let's make way too big a deal out of this and embarrass her.
Friend 2- Why are there only two of us, we should have more friends...
by alexle1234 December 22, 2011
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