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To put quite simply, a Lucero is a girl who isn't afraid to express who she really is, although she may not like to show how she's truly feeling, you can still see it in her eyes. She is also a girl who knows how beautiful and elegant she is but just doesn't like to admit it. Her laugh is heart warming, her smile, enchanting, and the feeling yu get when she's around is indescribable. If your lucky enough to meet one (since her name is so unique) never aaand i mean never mistreat her, she deserves all the best. Basically a lucero is a super pretty, incredibly nice, and wonderfully awesome person.
A lucero will always be there for you.
by aarbear71711 October 18, 2011
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The girl that's not afraid to be herself. Her spirit is young and life is hers for the taking. She enjoys every minute of her life yet she knows how to find balance. She has the world firgured out even though she appears like every other happy kid. She's one of a kind, the greatest treasure you'll ever meet. If you come by a Lucero get to know her because i guarantee no one will make you smile like her. & the feeling you get when you make her smile is amazing and has the power to motivate you to do anything in the world.
i can't live without my lucero.
by happynerd23 October 03, 2011
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A beautiful, creative, intelligent, amazing woman with a perfect personality.

She is the most azazing person in my life.
I will love her for all of eternity.
My god, Lucero is my everything.
by Langilear June 24, 2008
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Lucero-the action of snitching

Wow he really LUCEROed all of them
by Blahqwertyblahqwerty February 13, 2019
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hawr, hohr or, often, hoor
n. a large woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, preying upon the intoxicated, which leaves the partner in embarrassment.

v. to act as a lucero.

Origin: New Mexico
Person 1: I can't believe how much I drank last night.

Person 2: I can't believe you hooked up with that lucero last night!
Person 1: I did what?
Person 2: She outweighs both of us.

Person 1: Hangs head in misery I should get tested.
by 1103personnel February 11, 2011
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A girl that will not be there for you is always fake and always wants people there for her.
Lucero:I wanna die,Friend:No please all you’re friends love you.
Friend:I’m sad,Lucero:I don’t care.
by Fake friend101 October 15, 2018
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