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Mixture of love and lust - pronounced "Love-st".

1) The "love" that 12 - 16 year-old couples feel while pubescent hormones are racing through their bodies. These relationships usually last less than a month; as they are based more on lust than love.

2) When you're only in a relationship for sex; you're in lovest.
1) Girl 1: OMG I love Ben sooooooooo much im gonna marry him were totally engaged and everything! Happy two week anniversary babe!!!! True love!!!!
Girl 2: When she realizes this is only lovest; it's going to really make her look stupid.

2) Guy: Jenny is such a bitch, but she's so good in bed! I'm gonna keep this lovest going.
by Zaakuul November 08, 2009
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Say this when you are expressing that you love the person you are telling it to the most. Saying this implies that you love the person the most.
I lovest you.
by carlie tampon September 14, 2018
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