A prostitute. Used in the hit muscial Les Miserables, based on the Victor Hugo novel.
"Lovely ladies, waiting for a bite
Waiting for the customers who only come at night." -Les Miserables
by Jerry March 29, 2005
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a lady who likes it in every hole she can get it in.
Ona is such a love lady she wanted me to do her in her belly button! lol

I squirt multiple wads of cum into the love lady.
by Matt Kind April 24, 2007
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Lady love:a girl referring to another girl as her crush or significant other. Most commonly used by a lesbian or bisexual female.
"I saw you holding hands with Tiffany yesterday"

"Yea, that's my new lady love"
by Iwantapoptart February 11, 2014
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when a woman expells air from her vagina during love making/having sex
she let rip a right lady love pump last night when we were doing it.
by jigglybobs September 08, 2009
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Is a band that is from wales, they sound really amazing!
~do you listen to 'ladies love a superhero'~
~yes, they are an amazing band~
by ~KayChaos March 21, 2013
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