Someone who is kind, sweet, sensitive, amazing, and selfless!
Ona is amazing!
by Not Ona B March 15, 2021
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An amazing usually a girl that makes a really great friend that remembers things that are important to you and will go out of her own way to help others even if she dosen't know them . Great person to be around that is very kind and doesn't see her own beauty and easily falls into other gossips that she doesn't know aren't true and needs to be reminded that she is loved.
Random girl "wow who's that "
Friend "that's ona "
by grahamcrackerr April 01, 2015
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A very interesting person. One will often see an "ona" in places they are not expected to be. When you see them they are often hard to miss. And as soon as you have found them they are also very hard to forget. This stunning person will leave memories one can not soon forget.
"Man she pulled an ona"

"Did you see that ona yesterday. Wow that was wild"

Jen:Hey where were you?
Jack:At school. . .
Jen:Freaking ona!!!
Jack:Why's that?
Jen:You have never picked up a book a day in your life. . .
by iamwhoiam123 March 12, 2009
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Personality wise ona is someone who's attitude changes quickly. Although he's a good friend to have he gives off a no bullshit vibe, he can be sweet one second and an asshole the next. No one get in his way. ona is very loyal and protective and cares for the people close to him. He'd set the world aflame if it meant he could keep the people he cared about safe. He's not too hard to look at either but just don't piss him off or there will be hell to pay.

so basically you definitely want to be on his good side
man ona is suck a tight ass, I asked him for a pencil, just a damn pencil and he told me to go fuck myself. smh
by Cease your faggotry May 04, 2018
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Did you see that lovebite on his neck? She bit him like and Ona last night!
by Benjaroo June 29, 2010
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A small and simple whisper of a town. Located in between Milton and Barboursville in West Virginia.
There is nothing really in Ona other than houses, let's go to the mall in Barboursville.
by Sophie Grieves August 17, 2009
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