The most gay and disgusting man in the world, his nose looks like a penis and he gets 0 bitches, so he ussualy changes sexuality to gay and trans. His asshole is so used a whole truck can fit in hit, Ussualy likes festivals were he gives out blowjobs
Eeww he is so disgusting
he must be a love the name
by Pussydestoyer1337 July 2, 2022
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The ugliest and dumbest man in the world. He can't aford Hugo boss clothes he wears H&M
Ugh it's Love the name
Who's that

–A guy that no ones like
by Dawid Walter February 24, 2017
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He has a large penis
He has alot of muscles, stronger than Felix och Lucas

by Kockutbildning123 December 12, 2016
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Love is a sexy beautiful gorgeous woman. She has a heart of gold and a tongue of silver, she knows her way around the world and can convince even the most experienced scientists that the sky is green. She is intelligent, kind, brave, and did I mention spontaneous? She smells of vanilla and warm hugs.
Have you ever experienced a person like Love (name)?
Do you know who Love is? Yeah, she's bad.
by Lavender Blossom November 23, 2021
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