songs attempted to express a feeling that is basically unable to be defined
love songs are songs played numerous times on radio sets and countless ipods/mp3s worldwide

example; so sick by neyo
by the love phobic February 1, 2009
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A Classic Love Tale From the late 90's. A beautifuly told well acted movie about an interacial love.
Acted with Christian Kane AND Monica Arnold
by Jessica August 28, 2003
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The stage of liking someone in which all you can do is listen to love songs, taking even the very cheesy ones seriously.
girl 1: "Oh my gosh, victoria keeps on playing 'Hero' by Enrique Iglesias and facebook stalking that boy"

girl 2: "awww, she must love-song like him"
by Jaxx27 November 9, 2010
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A sacred ritual where 2 or more people dance around a tent occupied by a furious masturbator.
We knew Rick was beatin' it inside the tent, so the 4 of us began circling the tent in an Apache Love Song.
by Rondo Boner October 15, 2009
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one of the best fucking yuri mangas out there fr it's so wholesome I recommend go read it.
also it has an upcoming anime which the release date by mid 2024 or not I'm not sure
Person 1: Hey! Do you read yuri?
Person 2: Yea! I do!
Person 1: Have you read wyals? (whispering you a love song for short)
Person 2: No.. I haven't heard of that before.
Person 1: Well, you should go read it! The art style is very very pretty and cute and it's also very wholesome but, it includes some angst tho..
Person 2: Wow! That sounds nice! I'm kind of sad that it has some angst tho but who cares! I'm gonna read it tomorrow.
Person 1: Nice! When you're done, tell me what you think of it! I highly recommend it!
Person 2: Alright!
by aki mizuguchi lover<3 February 6, 2023
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When something is so wig snatching and iconic that it's soothing to your ears.
by Amber Kippen August 21, 2018
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