Shortened way of saying 'Lossy Compression';

Used to describe whether any image quality has been lost due to bad rendering. Commonly used to describe the image format jpeg.
Guy1: Dude, this image is totally lossy we'll have to re render it.
Guy2: Yeah jpegs suck! Let's try a png.
by iNfy- April 23, 2011
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Urine soaked laundry created by a long night of superfluous drinking.

Often photograhed wearing an asshat.
I woke up to find a Lossie in my closet.
by Jake at State Farm December 26, 2016
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Someone who is lazy and laid back. Usualy refering to someone that smokes weed.
i cant be asked to come out today.

god you are such a lossy head
by Ashooleee August 11, 2008
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Young team based in the north of Scotland mainly based in Moray
Here John did ye seen the ¥.LP last night
¥.LP short for young lossie posse
by scotland9000 March 30, 2018
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The loosening of a hole in a box
My jewelry box became very lossy when my husband threw it.
by Komi February 22, 2017
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