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1. A next gen website with a gaming community founded in 2011.

2. A term used by the South Park character Ike, he uses the phrase "Ike made a ninnle" when he soils himself.

3. Unused linux distribution, described by users of the slashdot news forum as non-existant.
1. Have you played on ninnle's TF2 server yet?

2. Ike:"Ike made a ninnle" Kyles Mom: "That's great, poopy"

3. GuyA: Have you tried the ninnle dist? GuyB: No? What is it?
by iNfy- February 22, 2011

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Shortened way of saying 'Lossy Compression';

Used to describe whether any image quality has been lost due to bad rendering. Commonly used to describe the image format jpeg.
Guy1: Dude, this image is totally lossy we'll have to re render it.
Guy2: Yeah jpegs suck! Let's try a png.
by iNfy- April 22, 2011

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