A wonderful woman, caring, and compassionate. she will always look after her children no matter what trouble they are in. she does not like people who are just out to push her around and she will not take shit from anyone. she is a dark haired woman but can act like a "dumb blonde" sometimes(but what women dont) all around she is concidered to be a very outgoing, friendly person who always puts others needs above her own, she is funny, and she is very pretty inside and out, AND ANY MAN WOULD BE CONCIDERED EXTREAMLY LUCKY TO BE WITH HER SO TREAT HER WITH THE UPMOST RESPECT AND SHE WILL DO THE SAME BUT IF YOU BETRAY HER YOU HAD BETTER BE A EXCELLENT RUNNER BECAUSE SHE WILL NOT TAKE LIGHTLY TO IT....OVER ALL THOUGH SHE IS PERFECT.
My mom is named Lorrie and she is awsome and always dependable...I love her soooo much!
by Carpenter86 May 19, 2011
The act of doing something brilliant; beyond belief and would almost be impossible to repeat.
person1: "Wow did you see him hit that ace?"

Person2: "LORRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Mr. Cannot February 6, 2010
A female architect that refuses to take shit from her consultants and contractors and knows how to give them "what for" in her soothing phone voice.

She's just one step away from being as beautiful, perfect and necessary as Gail.
"Damn, she just Lorried that landscape designer's ass!"
by semi_venus February 5, 2010
Taking a giant shit, dropping a mighty deuce, dropping off a van full of kids at the pool, taking every past/present/future Brown to the super bowl
Bro #1: Yo! Bro, go clean up after that disgusting mess you left in my bathroom.

Bro #2: Sorry.. I had the Taco Bell & Chipolte all you can eat buffet earlier, caused ne to Lorrie all over your toilet.
by biiirrd August 23, 2011
Lorri, is an amazing yet eligent name. very intheusiastic person, fun to be aroung but can talk way to much. Beautiful, blue eyes and very smart
Boy 1 - "oh wow lorri is beautiful"
Boy 2 - "she's mine."
by tom vanderwoods November 4, 2009