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The hottest girl in the world. Clever, funny, insightful. She has an amazing body, is good at sport, is beautiful, patient, kind and caring. She will also shag all night like a teenager and then want more once she has eaten pain au chocolat for breakfast.
Wow, that perfect stranger is a real Lorren!
by AllBlueToday January 12, 2013
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Lorren is the women who makes you remember what a cock is for. The most perfect peach and a body to remember until you die. If you are goung to lust after anyone make it Lorren.
Id like to take Lorren to the 12th floor again
by Peachlace October 10, 2016
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The male spelling of the name "Lauren", aka the best sounding name in all humanity; a guy that seems to be normal but in actuality has various obsessions with stationary, hardcore metal music that blasts out your ears as well as ocean noises that sound like nothingness, apples, occasional styling glue, and discussing life in general. When in doubt with the world, tends to make up original phrases such as "shwewdghjs" or "asldewdhjyeshit" to express frustration. Feels good about donating to the homeless, frequently goes 'ape shit' over nostalgia, and makes spontaneous book purchases.
"oh, that's just a Lorren letting out his inner distraught"
by Eddy mcknight November 30, 2009
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