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Lorlornyo is a beutiful, kind, and funny girl. Making people laugh is just one of her specialties. She is loving and caring to most peole she meets. Sometimes she may come off as rude, but it's only because she tells the truth and wants people to be their best. It may take a while to get to know her because she is quiet, but once you do you will be overjoyed.
Oh my gosh, that girl Lorlornyo is so hot.
by Beauty75 March 19, 2017
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Lorlornyo is a strong, intelligent, and assertive female. She is very kind at heart and some people may take her for granted. She is someone who will give many chances to new people. And if they wrong her, she’s not the kind of person to turn into a nasty snake. Although, if you really do enough to tick her off or offend her, since she’s cool with everyone she can pretty much....I guess you could say, turn them against you. So ya better check yoself! Especially after being given so many chances. A Lorlornyo is a pretty nice and funny/goofy person. She looks at the positive rather than negative but can still be real and keep it 100. Along with her dope personality, she’s mad pretty too. She has the ability to turn heads and leave a good and lasting impression. Overall, her energy is great and anyone would be lucky to be a friend of hers, so hold on to a friendship with her. Even though she’s pretty friendly it takes a while for her to open up to people so if she feels like she can tell you something right away then you must be special. It’s not everyone that she feels like being friends with.
Woah Lorlornyo is a pretty dope person.
by Coolapple_gold November 24, 2018
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She cute or whateva. She got the nicest smile. She goofy, and definitely likes to sing. She knows good music and she can dance dance. If you not tryna DIE, don’t touch her head. KAWAL, she ain’t no killer my g. But she finna shlump the heck outa you though.
She on golden rule tings. So if you treat her right, she’ll do right by you too (whatever that may be).
Dang Lorlornyo, girl you looking fiiiiine. You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met. You’re wholly and truly blessed QUEEN!
by Favour.O April 13, 2019
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