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Loriel is more than just a shampoo brand. Loriel is a fake ginger girl who has a deep passion for pokemon. She is a quiet, sweet girl who has a not so quiet side. After consuming more than 4 alcoholic beverages, a Loriel becomes a hug-loving, talkative butterfly. She enjoys cooking dinner for her bitches, and likes long walks around campus. When you first meet a Loriel, try not to stare to long at her lucious red-velvet hair for you might just become entranced in it.
Imagine a red velvet cake on top of someones head. That is a Loriel.
by Afriendofafriend91 November 11, 2010
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Loriel is much more than just a shampoo and makeup brand, she’s the funniest craziest girl around. She has brown hair and brown eyes and falls in love easily. You can come to her for anything and she’ll put all her problems aside just to listen to you. She’s the party starter and thinks there always has to be alcohol to have a good time. She’s wild and loves to party and be a teenager. She never has a boyfriend but is always looks for some fun and adventure with a guy !! She loves her small group of girls and always had a wild fun idea that usually turns into a memorable moment for everyone. If you fall in love with a Loriel, be careful not only is she very sensitive but she’s the jealous type.
Is Loriel around? I want to party !

Have you seen Loriel? The party doesn’t start without her!
by Crazygirl26 July 12, 2018
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