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A typical definition for getting extremely wild and in most cases giddy at the thought of causing sheer pandemonium. Used in the demographics of central Pennsylvania, but primarily utilized by the youth of Tyrone, Pennsylvania. This term is the highest degree of loopiness as categorized by the following. Stage 1: Excited. Stage 2: Eager Beaver. Stage 3: Loopy. Stage 4: Criminal Mischief. Stage 5: Loose Dick.
You are acting Loose Dick if you : Smash Mailboxes, Act as a drunk shirtless neighbor attempting to "sleep", Beat varmits at night, Trash parties, Call someone a blubbering bafoon, mating with random catholic women,hiss at an enemy, dance to techno at the wee hours of the morning, strip a friend naked and toss their pants into the street, and in the most severe stages: Murder of the first degree.
by Cheese Burger Eddy May 12, 2010
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