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Lonita is a dychotomy. Both sides of all possibilities, duality in motion. Where a Lonita is sweet it is also spicey. Lonita can be cruel and vicious or Lonita can be the epitome of compassion. Love and Lonita go hand in hand, but once crossed, on the tiniest of scales, Lonita and hate may have a spellbinding date. But always Lonita is loyal, a friend in the sincerest stroke of the term. Lonita does not keep enemies as the sunshine in a Lonita's smile will change even the darkest of hearts. But beware, the wrath written in the frown of a Lonita is just as affecting (though never as devastating). A believer of magic with footprints forever falling on a spiritual path. Demonstrative, generous, loud, and taken to flight, Lonita is a giver in the various ways possible, even during times of quiet and stillness.
by prestonjames September 25, 2011
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