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A thought which the thinker raises to a higher level by extracting it from his brain by saying it to himself and or others, verbally, nonverbally (such as by making a sound, a face, or a gesture), and/or by writing or drawing it. Expressing a thought also confirms to the thinker and those who are made aware of it that that thought was real, clarifies it, and makes it more useful. If the thinker or someone else records the thought in writing or in another way, it will not be forgotten and may help him in the future.
The following is an example of "thought expression". Carlos felt uncomfortable as the chair he sat on rolled away ever so slightly. Determined to do his homework, he attempted to ignore the feeling but told himself, "I felt it. I felt it," turned, got up, walked to the bedroom, and on his way there told himself verbally, "I felt afraid the chair would continue rolling and I would fall on the floor. That's what happened". With his feet on the floor and his knees bent, he laid back on his bed knowing that would calm him down. Knowing he is a hypersensitive person (HSP), he knew he could not deny his feelings because when he has, his body has given him some type of pain in his back, neck, or organs to remind him to not deny the things he feels. Today he also told himself, "Por algo...", to express his realizing that "God makes me feel the things I feel, for a reason."
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by Spot Tricks July 12, 2018
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