A very, very long duck who lives at the University of York. He went viral across the internet in April 2020.
by Long Boi York April 30, 2021
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A Long Boi is another word for Slim Jim, as is “Slender James”, “Slim Jemini”, and a ton of other fun words. If you eat long bois, you’re part of the Long Boy Gang.
person 1: “I can’t wait to tear open a slim jim!”
person 2: “long boi gang for life, bro.”
by dinoleggo June 21, 2019
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Another name for a wiener dog to make them less gay.
"Your long boi is so cute!"
by Zuros May 16, 2018
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A mysterious alien like creature that has been seen walking the streets of Carnegie, PA near the church of Scientology. Has been known to bum cigs off of unsuspecting locals. At least 9 feet tall, arms are like 6 feet long, legs are like 6 feet long, and his hands touch his knees when he stands straight up.
"Damn! Did you see that Long Boi walking in the parking lot? Looks like he's going to the church of Scientology" - Local Carnegie Consultant
by NormMcdoodle August 10, 2018
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Long boi is a long skinny dog properly named a Borzoi. It’s a glorious dog that presents many opportunities for funny memes and pictures.
Did you see that long boi doing all the tricks for the schmackos? He’s the best long boi and deserves all the treats from the hoomans.
by hahnsolo17 January 17, 2019
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A very long blow job usually lasting a couple hours
Tommy was horny and wanted stacey to give him a long boy
by lolalovelace March 7, 2014
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