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A mesh of two names, specifically, Lilly and Oliver, to denote the shipping of the two sidekicks of Disney's hit tv series, Hannah Montana. A term that is frequently used each time Lilly and Oliver interact with each other on the show.

Loliver was chosen as the name for the shipping of Lillian Truscott and Oliver Oken, either for their friendship or the plausible blossoming love relationship between the two characters. A hot favorite amongst fans who would like to see attraction blossoming between the two bestfriends (and former preschool crushers), Loliver constantly gives fans something to look for when they watch the Hannah Montana show.

Loliver also has their own fansite to unite the lovers of this duo, which can be found at
Lilly putting her head on Oliver's shoulder resulted in a small smile by Oliver. Now that's a Loliver moment, I tell ya.
by Kitera October 23, 2007
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The pairing of Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken from the hit Disney show Hannah Montana. Fans all over the world are rooting for this couple and several fan fiction's have been written in its dedication.

Lilly and Oliver have been friends for a long time and have a love/hate relationship. Secretly, they love each other.
Everyone thinks that loliver is the cutest, most likable and just all around best pairing.
by Ms. Queenie December 16, 2007
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Loliver is the combination of two character's names, specifically, the characters Lilly and Oliver from Disney's Hannah Montana. This couple has a huge fanbase.
Lilly leaned on Oliver's shoulder and they both smiled.

(Loliver moment)
by LOliVErLOVER January 16, 2008
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Adj. A "ship" that uses the combination of the names of two teenagers, Lilly and Oliver, who hails from the hit Disney Channel TV show, Hannah Montana.

Created by the Hannah Montana fandom since the show's release, "Loliver" implements word tricks such as "Love" being hidden inside.

It is competed by Moliver, whilst other pairings such as Jiley do not directly interfere with this shipping.
A cute Loliver moment occurred when Oliver jumped into Lily's bed as an attempt to hid from Robby Ray.
by Misken67 July 10, 2008
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Overgrown man child, who over estimates himself, with exceedingly good hair, before the butchering forced upon him by sweeney Todd. Also apparently shit at Rock Paper Scissors.
by Rambastard August 10, 2018
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