Eeeasy pickins. A girl who would open up for you like a pleasant picnic basket on a fresh spring day. Portable, and everyone gets some of what's inside!
"what a lov-e-ly pic-a-nic basket Booboo!"
"Yogi... You know what the Ranger said."
by killerqueen May 7, 2005
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noun: a sexual activity where random objects are placed in a person's butt.
Bored with our usual routine, she asked to try something new. So I looked through her purse for fun objects for a picnic basket.
by The Original Wilvis July 11, 2008
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A sexual act in which one party eats a combination of salad, sandwich, and blackberry pie, then vomits onto the genitals of another party during oral sex.
OMG, Allison, I totally gave Erik a picnic basket last night!
by alllisson August 1, 2010
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A survival bag, usually holding personal possessions and every day carry items that also has a concealed gun compartment for self defense purposes. Also called a "get home bag". Since Detroit has a high crime rate, the meaning is clear. It's a survival bag.
Jim knew he could go into even the most crime ridden areas carrying his Detroit picnic basket.
by BuLLg0d April 8, 2015
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Euphemism for extremely homosexual (usually in men)
Brian is as gay as a picnic basket
by Perdita December 3, 2007
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The female form of masturbation. Where you would say "whacking it, jacking off, etc." for a male, you would say "packing her picnic basket" for a female.
Last night, Jenny was in her room, packing a picnic basket.

Melanie always packs her picnic basket to pictures of Orlando Bloom.
by ConsuelaBananahammock March 3, 2009
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Being so extremely gay that there is a high chance of said gay person exploding into kittens and rainbows. Not to be confused with gay as a picnic basket, which is the stable equivalent.
Josh - That guy is gayer than a picnic basket!

Eric - I'm going to keep my distance, my insurance doesn't cover injuries made by shards of rainbows!

Josh - Now that you mention is, I am allergic to cats.... Better safe than sorry....
by Ima Sonovabitch April 1, 2012
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