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Transsexual vagina, artificially created by surgery and requiring "wanding" daily to remain open. Also not self lubricating.
That Thai chick at your party had a Lolgina bro, i had to go out and get Astroglide just to keep from sending smoke signals with my dick
by kkkoonhater March 01, 2013
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laughing at someones vaginial mishaps, or something is generally funny, it can be non specific.
Boy: Are those crotchless pants?
Girl: Haha yeah i bought them in the sale
Boy: oh right lolgina!


Francesca: Ewww i just stepped in dog poo
Melissa: Lolgina!
by ARJOWIGGINS November 03, 2010
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when ur vagina laughs at a guy's dick from being so small
Corey: *takes boxers off*

Chloe: Lolgina, it's that small?
by SweetNsticky April 02, 2011
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