Lola, is most likely the kindest person you’ll ever meet in your lifetime. Most of them look like basic blondes but once you get to know them, they have a completely different attitude then you think. Lola’s won’t leave you, they won’t be rude, they’ll just be accepting and sweet. About a month into your friendship, she’ll start opening up to you. That’s when you realise she’s a completely different person. She’s way kinder, way sweeter, way more selfless and way more loving. That’s when you realised how lucky you got. Lola will stay by your side, forever and ever.

Lola (@nazsmiles on insta), thank you for always being there. Love Jamie
Lola stepped downstairs and looked in the mirror, and then she realised how beautiful and kind she is.
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by naznorrissuperfan April 13, 2020
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If you meet a lola your life will be ruined. She is the most cold hearted bitch you ever meet and she smells like curry.lolas are hard to come by so if you do, your an awfully unlucky person.
Ew is that sket over there must be a lola.
by Big boy Donny October 09, 2019
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Typically a slang for a slut who has low self esteem, goes to clubs, and loves to "ride" on guys till she gets tired.
1: Its her again.
2: OMG, did you hear what she did last night as Junior Prom?
1: O definitely, she was riding some dude pretty hard.
2: Are you sure that was a guy?
1: Oh yeah quite sure, if it was a girl I doubt she would care.
2: Typical, shes probably the Lola in our school.
by Stephanzo (2) April 12, 2011
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1. Light weight who throws up in your car.

2. Doesn't date but when does, doesn't last long...occasionally stollen away by jennys.
1. "Ugh why are you being such a lola...all over my car!"

2. "Man I bet she feels like a Lola look at her man being taken away"
by Barbie Nox April 05, 2010
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Lola is a common modern day term to describe someone who is transgendered or transvestite. It is also used to refer to Drag Queens.
The name Lola gained popular usage in the LGBT community via two separate channels:
1) The success of The Kinks song "Lola" (1970) about a young boy who meets a girl named Lola in a bar only to find out that Lola is in fact a man.
2) The popularity of the name Lola being chosen by members of the transgendered community.
Example 1
Guy 1: I'm gonna go buy that chick a drink.
Guy 2: Dude, that's not a chick, that's a Lola!

Example 2
Guy 1: You guys hear what happened to Josh in Thailand? Dude accidentally hooked up with a tranny!
Guy 2:No! F%^king. Way!!!!
Guy 1: He took a girl home only to find out she was a Lola!"

Example 3
Guy 1: Hi, what's your name sugar?
Guy 2: Lola
Guy 1: Gulp!
by GKJP June 21, 2012
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The term used to call an annoying girl between 14 to 30 years old, who constantly uses the term "LOL" in anything they type or text.

Short for "Laughing Out Loud assholes," LOLAs tend to be stupid by nature, and often have very perky, cloying personalities.
"Omigosh! Did you see Becky at Old Navy today? She looked like such an elephant in those jeans, LOL! Seriously, she has no fashion sense at all, amirite? LOL!!!"

(*looks at 17 year old girl*) "What a dumb LOLA."
by Mcheetah September 11, 2012
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A little hoe that goes on to every guy to guy. Once you think she is your friend, then your mistaken buddy. This girl will first light up your world, but then after she literally turn into the devil and fuccckkkk shit up. and when I say fuckkkkkk shit up, I mean that your soul will not exist anymore. After she fucks that shit up you, she will try become your best friend again and then fuck your soul. So never trust this bitch cuz then you will fucking die.
by yaboy131 April 25, 2019
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