A purported erection, often linked to inappropriate stimuli.

The act of having of achieving a loggy.

(NB: can also be spelt "loggie".)
"I'm gonna put my loggy inside you now."
"Check out Alex's loggy over Charlie!"
"Phwoar, she makes me loggy!"

"Shit dude, I'm totally loggin' right now!"
"Are you loggin' it?"
by Alex Helmn May 14, 2008
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There are no precise definitions of this word.

It is a positively loaded word, originated from FysMat's Brad Pitt and his habits of sleeping during daytime.
Many happy moments have been filled by this awesome word.

It can be used both as a greeting word and as a positive adjective.
When entering a room with friends, you can shout out "llllloggi" in a high-pitched voice, and people will feel the good mood.
When calling after a stud named Johan, one can simply call out "Loggi!".
by Loggi August 14, 2012
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Luke Game's cousin who carries him on fortnite
by LoggyYoutube April 16, 2019
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its when u pretty much get fu*ked over or screwed
When you go to a school and then you find out you cant play hockey after you have been to a month of practices and u have to stay with sprinkles
by Muscles October 13, 2004
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Bend over like a doggy, here comes the loggy (i.e. Trey Spiller getting grounded, or getting screwed over in cards) Trey is the true definition of the LOGGY
by sprads October 11, 2004
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an exteremly ugly individual
also known as the untouchable
Daayaam, that guy over there, he's such a Loggy
by iapologizeforthesummertime January 31, 2008
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1. occurs when an individual is screwed over by someone he thought he could rely on in the most reprehensible of ways at the worst possible time, with the least possible warning. Generally occurs after the offending 'friend' has recently reassured you they would never do any such thing. The offending individual in a situation-loggie generally justifies his actions by claiming he has found happiness.

2. The situation that occurs when an individual is willing to sell out all his friends and various other commitments abruptly and with no warning for a girl he has never met. Can also be used to describe situations involving people who generally put their fledgling relationships before their friends instantaneously, regardless of if they've met the person yet or not.
1. "Uh oh, fred is texting that skanky girl i knew in college who lives in Idaho. I think we might end up having a situation-loggie on our hands."

2. Yolanda promised me she'd be my roommate when I put the deposit down on that apartment. Then she ran off with the maintenance man who showed us the aparatment. Fuck if I saw a situation-loggie coming.
by Wally Wonderous January 7, 2010
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