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She is the girl that will change your life for the better, there wont be a day where you wont think about her and you will miss her when she isn't with you. She is super sexy, amazing, kind, talented, compassionate and can cheer you up by just smiling at you. She can get any guy she wants but will only choose the right one and stick with him to the end of their days. She is the coolest person you will ever meet and you will always feel comfortable around her. If you know a Courteney you are extremely lucky and should cherish her for no one could ever replace her. She is also amazing in bed.
"She makes me so happy.
Courteney, who else?"

"Teacher: Does anyone know a synonym for the word "Angel"?
Liam: Yes I know of one: Courteney"

"Courteney means everything to me."

"I want to marry a girl like that
Like who?
Like Courteney <3"
by PyromaniacGhoul October 02, 2011
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Someone who is pree awesome , and don't mention beautiful , smelling nice & looking beautiful always. A felmale that is named " courteney " is blessed with awesomeness and gourges hair , very sweet & nice.
guy one - woah , look at that sexy chick ;)
guy two - oh , her .. damnnn ! that's courteney .
guy one - you know her ?
guy two - no. but she's beautiful , clearly she's a courteney
by glasses_xox July 13, 2010
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a very beautiful fun loving person who is loved by many people, someone who will be your best friend or your worst enemy. falls in love somewhat quickly but stays committed to who ever she is with. An amazing person with a one of a kind personality and has amazing interests, very beautiful, great smile, and beautiful eyes that you could just fall into, has very beautiful hair. N.E.M. <3
do you like Courteney?
Hell, who doesn't like her!?
by BFMV_Fan May 24, 2011
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This girl is the prettiest thing anuone could come across. Her brown hair and green eyes seem to just add the shine and sparkle to the world. Some people can get horny and leave a Courteney before realizeing what they lost and wanting noting more than to hold her again. A courteney is funny, kind, very extremely romantic girl who's intteligence is through the roof. Cristina's fall for courteney's and they never, EVER want to see them cry. They Love her more than anyone could ever love anything.
" OMG! Did you see that girl? She must have been Courteney because you can tell that that other girl beside her really won't let her go."
by Terezi May 16, 2014
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A fake version of the name Courtney. These girls are usually flirtatious and nasty. The fall in love too quickly. They dress improperly. They have an extra "e" in their name to make them seem ghetto.
Girl 1: "I don't like that Courteney."
Girl 2: "Why?"
Girl 1: "Cuz she think she so hot and ghetto. She always

tryin to steal my man."
by fivedollarbillsbabybackribsbay January 18, 2010
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Courteneys are typical white trash. They are the kind of girls who pretend they don't eat cheese fries and are naturally hair free. You will generally see them frolicking around the mall like a poorly stabled gazelle.
Teacher: Courteney is a very positive student
Student: Courteney is so kind
Boys: Courteney has a hot ass body
Parents: Courteney is angel
Society: Stay away from those sneaky sluts, once they find you, they latch n lurk.
by DukeOrsinoandOlivia February 27, 2014
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