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n. The most popular map in Halo 2, it is set on a Forerunner installation and was apparently used for studying the Flood. It features well-balanced gameplay, with tight corridors, open rooms, outdoor platforms, and several towers. An exceptionally fun map to play, some favored gametypes include both Slayer and Team Slayer, CTF, and Oddball.

Due to its layered structure, with many floors and walkways crossing over one another, skilled players are able to move about the map with ease, controlling key areas and racking up kills.

Its badassery returns in Halo 3 with its remake, Blackout.
Quetz: "Dude, nice, we got Lockout."
Maximus: "Nice, man, let's run this shit."
by GetSmashedWithTheBros April 07, 2008
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What owners do to players to screw over the fans
If players don't do what the owners want, there will be an NHL Lock Out soon
by Paul March 15, 2004
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low budget makes no sense and may be the most retarded thing i've ever wasted two hours on in my life
permanently damaged from this movie..
1."Hey have you seen lock out?"
1."good for you!"
by irottori December 06, 2010
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A map in the popular shooter Halo 2 that usually involves lots of falling of edges, lots of cursing, and usually only played because that one douchebag at the LAN party won't shutup until he can play it.
"Can we play lockout yet????"
*sighs from everyone in the room*
by MasterSheep November 12, 2005
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That moment when you're sitting on the toilet taking a dump and you are forced to be sitting on the toilet because you just can't get everything out.
Mom: Hurry up! We are late!
Son: I can't! I'm having a lockout!
by RealPussyGangster March 30, 2015
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