n. The most popular map in Halo 2, it is set on a Forerunner installation and was apparently used for studying the Flood. It features well-balanced gameplay, with tight corridors, open rooms, outdoor platforms, and several towers. An exceptionally fun map to play, some favored gametypes include both Slayer and Team Slayer, CTF, and Oddball.

Due to its layered structure, with many floors and walkways crossing over one another, skilled players are able to move about the map with ease, controlling key areas and racking up kills.

Its badassery returns in Halo 3 with its remake, Blackout.
Quetz: "Dude, nice, we got Lockout."
Maximus: "Nice, man, let's run this shit."
by GetSmashedWithTheBros April 8, 2008
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*See also ‘segregation’.

A term used in “pandemic era” Australia used to seperate an otherwise caring, courteous and strong community into classes.

The two classes being “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”, the separation or segregation, is government induced and controlled.

The the term “Lockout” is used to “lock”one class away from the other, causing one class to feel and behave as if they are better, or more worthy of human rights than the other.

This term “Lockout” is a device to divide people, first made famous and deployed upon the people of Darwin Northern Territory on 5 November 2021 by Chief Minister Micheal Cunner
We are in Lockout - some people may have freedom, the others are dirty

Lock out is in place - the dirty must stay home the clean can roam free
by Micheal Cunner November 4, 2021
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That moment when you're sitting on the toilet taking a dump and you are forced to be sitting on the toilet because you just can't get everything out.
Mom: Hurry up! We are late!
Son: I can't! I'm having a lockout!
by RealPussyGangster March 28, 2015
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A map in the popular shooter Halo 2 that usually involves lots of falling of edges, lots of cursing, and usually only played because that one douchebag at the LAN party won't shutup until he can play it.
"Can we play lockout yet????"
*sighs from everyone in the room*
by MasterSheep November 12, 2005
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When a person publishes a piece of writing with a spelling error in it that he/she cannot change. Happens after writing has been submitted, and the person realizes that the error will be there for an eternity. The spelling error will be a crack in a perfectly sculpted piece of art, but however fantastic the art is people will only notice the spelling error. Such events drive the creator straight up the crazy tree, and they also drive the viewer into a region I like to call spellcheck-lockoutville, also known as the cookoo corner.
1. The spellcheck-lockout forced me to come to terms with the fact that my English essay entitled "Words of the English Language" wasn't going to be worth shit.

2. Right after I published my 856 page autobiography about my life I realized i had spelled automobile, autamobile. I cried for 3.5 months when I realized that there wasn't a damn thing I could do about my spellcheck-lockout. Now whenever I encounter another human life they say, "Autamobile Tyler? Really? There's a fucking o after the t you stupid piece a shit. What the fuck were you thinking?"
And I can only reply," I messed up, and I will never let it happen again for as long as I live."
They then reply, "Well you truly fucked up the word automobile, so Im gonna make sure this is a promise you'll be able to keep dirtbag."
Next they take out a plasma sword and just go to fucking town on my stomach and neck.

by Neptuner January 18, 2009
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The baddest lift in the fucking gym. Load up a barbell with every plate in the gym and lift that thing about 2 inch out of the squat rack. Stand there like a boss then put it back down. Repeat. This lift can be used to replace squats, deadlift and bench, as they will no longer be required when you unleash the awesomeness of Squat Lockouts. Also, this lift causes the heads of fuckwits to explode clear off their shoulders.
a: Why is this bar bent as fuck?
b: Oh some total badass motherfucker was doing squat lockouts with every plate in the joint and destroyed that shit.
a: *head literally explodes*
by Okay Jokay October 8, 2011
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