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although he was crazy, you find yourself agreeing with everything he says no matter how cruel or crazy it sounds, why do you do this? because Andrew Ryan is a genius and perhaps the smartest fictional video game character to ever live
I have been an Andrew Ryan from Bioshock Fan ever since he started telling me about Rapture and what it was truly capable of.
by Neptuner January 17, 2009

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When a person publishes a piece of writing with a spelling error in it that he/she cannot change. Happens after writing has been submitted, and the person realizes that the error will be there for an eternity. The spelling error will be a crack in a perfectly sculpted piece of art, but however fantastic the art is people will only notice the spelling error. Such events drive the creator straight up the crazy tree, and they also drive the viewer into a region I like to call spellcheck-lockoutville, also known as the cookoo corner.
1. The spellcheck-lockout forced me to come to terms with the fact that my English essay entitled "Words of the English Language" wasn't going to be worth shit.

2. Right after I published my 856 page autobiography about my life I realized i had spelled automobile, autamobile. I cried for 3.5 months when I realized that there wasn't a damn thing I could do about my spellcheck-lockout. Now whenever I encounter another human life they say, "Autamobile Tyler? Really? There's a fucking o after the t you stupid piece a shit. What the fuck were you thinking?"
And I can only reply," I messed up, and I will never let it happen again for as long as I live."
They then reply, "Well you truly fucked up the word automobile, so Im gonna make sure this is a promise you'll be able to keep dirtbag."
Next they take out a plasma sword and just go to fucking town on my stomach and neck.

by Neptuner January 17, 2009

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The ability for a person to see abragationism (non-real things) in his/her daily life. This person serves as a bridge and can see both the real and non-real worlds. See abragationism for a fuller understanding of what optagators actually see on a daily basis. With this special talent comes the annoyance of witnessing completely ridiculous and abstractly imaginative occurrences.
"Hey Raphael, can you see this person sitting on top of the park bench chewing on a rusty old metal spork?"
"They make metal sporks Jerry?"
"Apparently, but do you see the person?"
"What person? There isn't anyone on the park bench."
"Oh no! I must be an optagator, I have the unique ability to see non-real and lack of existing events.
by Neptuner January 20, 2009

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a triple threat, in which you are a YouTuber, a blogger, and a hustler all rolled into one, side effects entail wasting countless hours on the comuter. becoming a tublagustler can be caused by over exposure to abragationism or just to much desire to promote your production company, either way you slice it you end up hustling people into watching your videos through spamming on another people's videos, posting video response to videos that aren't related in the slightest, and writing about it constantly on Myspace and Facebook to get people interested
I spent three hours spamming others people's video's on youtube, then for the next five hours i just kept refreshing the page on my own video to gain more views, i'm such a tubagluster
by Neptuner January 20, 2009

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