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A more underground gamer/streamer who plays Rainbow Six Siege. Usually seen sitting in a discord channel alone requesting to be moved to a voice channel where people are. Quetz tends to bother many people and attempts to fix his problems but sadly continues to be toxic which leads into a loop of mistakes. Many people think his name originated from the video game 'ARK: Survival Evolved' but during an interview he states, "I got it from a book." Many people tend to call him a cunt, this referencing the 'Quetz is a cunt' saying.
Quetz, I treated you like you were a person until you fucked with me and then I got pissed off asked you to stop and then you kept doing it so I'm done giving you chances man, sorry.

Fuck you Quetz your mom wishes your brother didn't die in that car accident and instead it was you. the fuck kinda name is Quetz anyways? sounds like an ice cream. Fucking faggot don't ever come at me again or else I will put my boot on your cheek before stomping your melon into the desert sand. Fucking pansy get the fuck out kid. I said get the fuck out kid what are you stupid or something? Go drink bleach, I'm a grandmaster Sombra player I'll hack your credit cards so fast you won't even know that I bought twenty judo dildos from

Quetz upside down is penis.

queTz IUS GaY!
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by QuetzTBD May 12, 2018
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